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Hathora: Bringing matchmaking to scalable game servers

Hathora has been enabling games of all sizes, from indie to major titles, with their scalable multiplayer game servers. We are now happy to partner up with Hathora to bring matchmaking to their customers.

Idem will allow game developers on Hathora to experience the same level of matchmaking performance that highly anticipated releases like Stormgate enjoy. The first 100,000 matched players are free and if your game becomes an overnight success, you will be sure to have perfect scalability and a multiplayer experience that excites players and keeps them engaged.

Going server-free

Up till now, game studios needed to have a central server that acted as an intermediary between players, 3rd party hosters, and Idem’s matchmaker. Thanks to the new integration with Hathora, game studios can now entirely free themselves from this central orchestration server (middleware). The game’s players (client) themselves can now connect to Idem’s matchmaker to be enqueued. As soon as a suitable match is found, Idem will spin up a game server on Hathora on the game’s behalf, and the players commence the game. This will enable much leaner architectures, particularly for small indie games.

(‘Player-based’ architecture, see Idem's documentation)

Try it out!

Fancy a game of Bullet Mania before you get started? Grab a friend (or open a second window, if that is your thing) and head for to see the solution in action.

The classic way

Want to use Hathora and Idem, but you also operate a central orchestration server that keeps in control? No problem. You can just use the classic architecture of your server being the nexus between your players, Hathora and Idem.

(‘Server-based’ architecture, see Idem's documentation)

Get started with Idem and Hathora

Ready to get started? Just kick of your project

How Idem can help you to seize your launch day

The launch day of a new multiplayer game is a unique opportunity to capture the excitement of players and turn them into loyal fans – however the opportunity is often missed by studios out of pure neglect. How to get the launch right and create an exciting dynamic using Idem’s matchmaking, we talk about in our recent blog post "Don't mess up the launch – A matchmaking perspective on game release"

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