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Algorithms – that's what we do.


We enable game studios to provide the best possible multiplayer experience to their players. Studios should do, what they do best. Create memorable games for player to enjoy and moments to cherish.

Studios shouldn't be satisfied to launch a great game just to see players turn away, because waiting time is too long. Studios shouldn't be forced to make investments into statisticians, just to meet the bare minimum player experience. Indie studios shouldn't be left unable to show off the great things they have created, because they can't afford matchmaking.
For all of them, we provide the necessary tool, to bring state-of-the-art matchmaking to their game.


Founded in 2023, Idem looks back at years of experience creating multiplayer matchmaking, with battled-tested algorithms that served over 50M matched players across a variety of games. Andrea (aka 'Toxi'), being an avid gamer and particularly RTS-enthusiast, himself built the matchmaking for W3Champions, the community ladder credited with reviving Warcraft III competition around the world (reference).

Andrea developed the matchmaking for Frost Giant's Stormgate before joining forces with Mäx and Moritz to launch Idem, with the goal to democratize access to great gaming experience.


Dr. Andrea Locatelli

Algorithms & Product

RTS enthusiast, veteran in the gaming community, and algorithm mastermind. Designed the matchmaking for Frost Giant‘s upcoming Stormgate and multiple other games.


Andrea holds a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Magdeburg.

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Dr. Mäx Blauth


Expert in developing high-throughput systems and SaaS. Engineered the real-time pricing system for Europe’s largest car-sharing provider, delivering multiple million price points daily.


Mäx holds a PhD in Physics from Technical University Munich.

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Moritz Schattka


Experienced building teams for the development of advanced algorithms. Seasoned entrepreneur and commercial operator. Previously consultant with McKinsey and startup founder.


Moritz holds an MPhil in Industrial Engineering from the University of Cambridge.

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join us

We are looking for great minds to join us. If you like advanced statistics, machine learning, and high-throughput serverless architecture: You have come to the right place. Just shoot us a message!

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