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Matchmaking for multi-player games – as an API

Be sure your game's matchmaking will be loved by players

Trusted by leaders
in gaming

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Powerful Features

Get top of the line skill-based matchmaking out of the box.


Trusted by leading game studios. Save the building time, elate your players, and ensure retention of your top players.



Optimal matchmaking tailored for both elite and casual players. Powered by our state of the art algorithms.

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Rating & Ranking

Fully integrated solution, keeping track of your players performance.

Idem's help building matchmaking for Stormgate enables us to offer our players a great multiplayer experience, with short queue times and exciting matches.

Best matchmaker out there – challenging matches that keep viewers engaged.

This matchmaking? It's the pulse of our community – keeps everyone engaged, excited, and eager for more.


Optimal matchmaking tailored for both elite and casual players.


Easy to integrate

Quick integration of a full-fledged matchmaking and rating system into your game. In no time.



Get best-in-class matchmaking, without the budget of a big studio.


Stop losing your top players to excessive waiting times or poor match quality.

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Get it right from the start, with no time investment. Focus on the core: your game.

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Be assured, your matchmaking is the best you can get.



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